Ehrlichiosis is another tick bourne disease that is frequently carried with Lyme. It is not that uncommon for patients with Lyme to have Ehrlichiosis. The black legged tick and the lone star tick are the responsible vectors for this illness. It is curable.

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Ehrlichiosis is a tick-borne illness transmitted to humans. It is primarily found in the southwestern United States and in the upper Midwest. It has been seen in Oklahoma, Missouri, Virginia, Georgia, Wisconsin and Illinois. The Lone Star tick is the culprit that carries this pathogen. It can resemble Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and the incubation period is from 7-21 days. In the last ten years, I have only treated two of these cases in Northern Illinois.There is a sub category of Ehrlichiosis which is Ehrlichiosis eauclairensis. This is spread by the black legged tick. Cases for this sub category have been reported in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Ehrlichioisis Signs and Symptoms

Ehrichiosis Treatment

Antibiotics continue to be the mainstay for treatment and outcome is excellent.


It is NOT advised by the CDC to treat post tick bites with antibiotics for the prevention of Ehrlichiosis.